Conductor & Accompanist

Our director and accompanist have a combined fifty years’ experience in teaching and directing.  We also hire the occasional instrumentalist or duo, giving dimension to our performances that includes local talent seeking new outlets to perform.


Director Connie Pawling-Young

Connie says, “Music touches my soul!  As a choral director, my job is to teach choir members how that feels.  Beyond performance, singing is an all inclusive physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental experience.  This is why, during rehearsals, I stress the importance of the words,

teach good vocal techniques, and encourage the joy of singing.  When a choral group collectively feels the passion of a piece, the audience receives the emotion, and everyone’s soul is touched”.  She strives to take every opportunity to improve the musicianship, even more importantly, the musicality of each singer.

Since 1979 she’s been a strong part of the music community in the Susquehanna Valley.  Most notably, for 24 years she worked as Vocal Music Teacher in the Warrior Run School District.  She’s also directed annual musicals at Susquehanna University,  serves as music Co-Director, for Milton Harvest Festival Annual “Pops” Concert, and she is  Choir Director at First Baptist Church, Milton.  Connie joined the BVS family, first as accompanist 2011-2012, then as director 2012 – to Present.